1. Help feed the ones in Need!

    Donated: Rs.0.00 Goal: Rs.500,000.00

    During distressed times of COVID-19, a bigger problem arises. Since the government announced nation-wide lockdown in an attempt to prevent…

  2. Gift a Meal, Help a Child

    Donated: Rs.219,865.00 Goal: Rs.2,000,000.00

    Shyam, a 9-year old boy is a fruit vendor’s son. He loves to go to school and play with his…

  3. Help This Child Rescued From Child Labour

    Donated: Rs.106,242.00 Goal: Rs.2,000,000.00

    Yadu is an eight-year-old child who lives in a slum of a big town in Tamil Nadu with his parents.…

  4. Help Muthu Overcome poverty

    Donated: Rs.7,001.00 Goal: Rs.2,000,000.00

    Muthu, a 7-year-old, a son of a cobbler has to work daily along with his father, Sukumar. Even a one-time…