Gift a Meal, Help a Child

Gift a Meal, Help a Child

Nov 2018
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Shyam, a 9-year old boy is a fruit vendor’s son. He loves to go to school and play with his friends. But unfortunately, due to the seasonal business of fruit-selling, he could only study for 5 months in a year and work for the rest. He and his friends like to read stories and often go to their village master for hearing different interesting stories.

His family of four – Shyam, his sister, mother and father, had to move from one place to another from time to time. Always changing schools and saying goodbye to his old friends made him sad. Now, Shyam studies in Government Senior Secondary School in Palwal District and enjoys the midday meal provided by Annamrita. He loves to eat different varieties of meal and finds Khichdi and Kheer the tastiest among all the dishes.

Shyam and his sister go to school daily. Through this midday meal, they get a one-time meal along with the school education which helps in relieving family’s burden of arranging a one-time meal. Shyam is happy to go to school regularly and dreams of becoming an engineer one day. He wishes to contribute in developing the areas where he had lived so that every child can go to school and learn interesting things.

Annamrita wishes Shyam and his sister all the best for their bright future.