Help Muthu Overcome poverty

Help Muthu Overcome poverty

Nov 2018
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Muthu, a 7-year-old, a son of a cobbler has to work daily along with his father, Sukumar. Even a one-time meal in a day is a daily struggle for them. Sitting and working in scorching heat is a daily routine for him. Is his father to blame for his dark childhood? No. It is their helplessness and their financial condition that has led to this situation.

3 months back, Muthu was identified under the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) which changed his life. He was rescued from child labour and now studies in a remote village in India. Under the NCLP, Muthu attends school everyday and enjoys nutritious mid day meal – his only meal in a day with the help of Annamrita. Annamrita’s mid day meal programme relieves Muthu’s family of the burden of arranging food for one more mouth and without the help of which he would have drifted back to labour life. Annamrita feeds thousands of such children and helps to prevent families like his from the vicious cycle of poverty.

Many children like Muthu are trapped within the chains of child labour and have to work for daily wages in order to meet the daily needs of their family. The slum-dwellers employ their kids as a resource for their businesses and daily wagers, instead of sending them to school. Only reason why they would want to send their kids to school is, if the school provides them with a meal. These kids have been inducted in the schools under the National Child Labour Project and we, at Annamrita serve these children mid day meal which for some of them is their sole meal for the day.

Sukumar is now relieved and feels assured of his son’s and family’s future. With eyes brimming with tears and a spark in his eyes, he thanked Annamrita and said, “Annamrita is like a real guardian to us. It is only because of their efforts that now, I can proudly say that my son will not touch and mend the shoes of others and will not work at the mercy of others’ wishes. He will make his own future!”

Help children like Muthu to fight child labour and break the chains of hunger. Do not leave children at the hands of labour! If you look around, you will witness many children like Muthu whose family is deprived, struggling and dying because of hunger. Give these children the joy of thanking you.

With the motto, “no child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger”, Annamrita has stepped up and is fighting for the cause. Now, it’s your turn!! Give a moment and help these children. Skip a luxury meal and contribute to children like Muthu. The cost of one luxury meal won’t make much of a difference to you but it would help us provide one-time meal to 10 children.

Make a contribution and build someone’s future.

You can even get 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.