Help feed the ones in Need!

Help feed the ones in Need!

Mar 2020
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During distressed times of COVID-19, a bigger problem arises.

Since the government announced nation-wide lockdown in an attempt to prevent the spread of novel corona virus, thousands of migrant workers of major cities like Delhi have been forced to move back to their home-state. Hunger is what is forcing the poor daily-wage workers to desperately attempt at returning to their homes, even on foot.

Looking at the adverse conditions that can even led to a worse condition of disease outbreak in the country, Annamrita approached the government to act together for some immediate action to be taken. We are ensuring our support to the workers by providing them hygienic meals every day which are cooked and distributed safely complying with social distancing. Understanding the importance of food, and the unfair social gap that has affected the lives of these people, we need to do our best to not let hunger affect their health, even before a virus can. Doing so is important to stop the mass-movement happening across country that goes against the whole purpose of lockdown to ensure safety from the Corona virus.

It is the responsibility of an organisation like ours whose vision is to eradicate hunger, to come forward purposefully to fight for action. We cannot be in the battle against hunger alone. We need support from each and every individual who is capable of extending support to the ones in need.

Each contribution, small or big, can save many lives. If we are privileged enough to stay safe at our homes and eat food, we can try to ensure that the underprivileged lot gets a reliable supply of meals in times when they can’t earn their daily wage.

Fight Corona and Fight Hunger, together!

Donate to save lives.