Child Labour 12 Sep

Child Labour

Child labour is an evil menace that the society suffers from. It is the dark truth of the world, which many of us still ignore. In the eyes of law, one cannot make children under the age of 14 work commercially. But the reality is far from that.

Not only is child labour enforced in various parts of the country, but is also ignored by the general public blindly.

It is a practice that keeps children away from their most basic right i.e. ‘the right to education.’

Anything that stops the children of our country from studying, cannot be allowed at all.

Childhood is the most important period of life as it moulds a person into the kind of individual he or she would later turn out to be. The progress of a country is dependant on the children of its country.

That is why there should be more awareness and movement towards the eradication of this menace. People should rather be voiceful about having all the children of our country being given education at the lowest cost possible.

There are many poor children who do go to schools to get educated. Annamrita makes sure to give those kids nothing else to worry about, as they provide them with mid-day meals. With a full stomach and filled heart, the children also study well.

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