Children and their future 17 Aug

Children and their future

“Children are one-third of our population and all of our future.”

A country’s progress and future depend on the growth of its children. To groom and educate the children of our country is of utmost importance, if we want to see India reach great heights. A good foundation leads to good results. India, being the second largest population of the world, is home to so many bright kids. If given the right education and equal opportunities, they can do so well with their careers which is ultimately for the greater good of the society.

However, most of the children in India come from under-privileged backgrounds. It is hard for them to even find one meal a day to curb their hunger. They do not even get enough opportunities to study in schools. Let alone, thinking about their careers.

How is India supposed to envision a progressing economy without the progress of its own children?

Annamrita acknowledges the importance of feeding the underprivileged children of the country in order for the overall growth of our country.

Annamrita provides mid-day meals to thousands of school children daily and does its share to build the future of those children. They provide fuel to the children’s dreams. Some want to become doctors, some engineers and some even footballers. We want to empower each child’s dream.

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