Cleanliness is next to Godliness 21 Jul

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

It is the most common proverb that each and everyone of us have heard as a child. But do we really follow it as adults??

Cleanliness is the most basic thing that we should take care of in order to prevent any kind of illness. Be it a child or an adult, practicing the habit of cleanliness is a must!! The habit of cleanliness should be the way of life, as without it, one can never imagine to survive. It helps to keep us physically as well as mentally healthy.

If we consider the importance of cleanliness, it is no less than godliness. We worship God and wish for a healthy life and future. Similarly, if we maintain cleanliness, it ensures healthy mind in a healthy body. It is basically like a virtue which should be spread among people of all age groups and all regions. Practicing cleanliness ensures good mental and physical health and purity of soul and mind. It aids the flow of positive thoughts and provides spiritual contentment as a whole.

Always wash hands before eating

As a child, everyone is taught about how one should keep clean.. Wash hands before eating, take bath everyday etc. These habits are few of the many that should be strictly followed to avoid unwanted diseases and maintain one’s physical health. Good personal hygiene is from where one should start with. Such habits are the best when started early.

The habit of cleanliness should be followed not only on personal level but also on society/community level. Personal cleanliness is one thing but if you look around, you’ll notice there’s more.. that needs to be done than just talked about!! In today’s world, people are more concerned about their appearance than cleanliness.

Utensils are thoroughly cleaned after each meal preparation

At IFRF (ISKCON Food Relief Foundation), Haryana, we take all measures to ensure that the mid-day meal provided to the hungry souls is properly prepared in a germ-free environment with no-touch technique. The staff responsible for the preparation of mid-day meal go through routine health checkups to ensure that no skin or respiratory diseases exist among the staff in order to avoid any type of external contamination. Here, all the safety measures and steps are kept in mind to provide healthy and blessed food to the kind-hearted souls.

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