Exam Hour

As the children gear into their studying modes to prepare for their upcoming exams, they need to remain healthy increases. Eating the right amount of nutrients in food and getting the appropriate amount of sleep is crucial if a child wants to score good marks in her exams.

If someone does not take proper care of their diet and health, they are most likely to fall sick before exams or have lower concentration levels. Both of which are not good for a child who has to appear for exams, and keep up with regular school hours as well.

Foods rich in nutrients, fats, carbohydrates are the first to energise your body. Energy is needed by the body, especially in growing children, to cope up with studies and sports.

Annamrita provides food that is rich in nutrients and quality, prepared with high hygiene standards, cleaning and cooking process. While many students come to school only on breakfast as little as tea and a loaf of bread, the daily meal becomes even more important to keep them fit and energetic during the rest of the day.

Prevention is better than cure. Sickness during the exams is a big red alert sign that no child ever anticipates. So it is better to have a healthy diet and food that keeps you fit and well equipped with all the armour that you need to fight the exams.

The food prepared in the kitchens of Annamrita goes through a number of cleaning and sorting processes before finally being cooked and reaching to the children. The rice, for example, is fumigated and destoned then prepared to ensure pure food minus any chemical treatment.

Annamrita makes sure the school going children do not suffer from any health issues at their end.

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