“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
― Virginia Woolf

Food is a basic amenity for living beings. We eat food in order to continue our day to day chores. Without a proper food supply, one is deprived of the energy source demanded by the body. Many people say that it is the food consumed by individuals that at times shape the behaviour of an individual and also instils many values inside them. This is the reason why we try to eat the best quality of food and we ensure to maintain the quality and fulfil our taste buds with the best. It is the benefits gained from food that help us continue dealing with the day to day struggles, be it physical or mental.

However, there are many people around us who are not as privileged as us. They get deprived of this basic need from their lives for which they struggle hard enough, forgetting even a single meal. This one meal may not mean much to us, but for them, it can provide for the energy needed to earn their livelihood on which their lives are dependent. The reason for their not being able to eat can be anything: poverty, distribution of power and income in the society, natural disaster (at times) and the man’s inability to earn efficiently throughout his life. Due to which some of them compromise with the quality of food they consume which with time affects them adversely. Their health deteriorates and hampers their lives if a compromise with the quality of food is continued for a long duration of time.

We at IFRF value this basic need required by all, especially for children in their growing age. We believe in providing the underprivileged children of society with high-quality food. We ensure our complete contribution towards the delivery of nutrition rich food to the greatest number of children in Haryana through schemes like mid-day meal program etc.  We also believe that it is through the food that is consumed by children that are responsible for shaping their thoughts positively or negatively. This is why, we at IFRF want to provide the children with the best quality food which is cooked hygienically and with great care and attention so that their thoughts are positively formed and they get the energy to concentrate and participate in various educational activities, a must in their day and age.

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