The kitchens of Annamrita counted among one of the World’s mega kitchens complies to various Quality Management System and Food Safety Management that ensures nutrition and hygiene of the food. The midday meal is prepared with great caution using the highest quality of raw materials.

Cleaning of Raw Materials

The first and the foremost process of food preparation is cleaning – the most important process. The raw materials are cleaned using the best practices and with great caution. The rice, lentils are de-stoned, filtered and cleaned to ensure zero external contamination.

Nutritional value of raw materials:

Staple Rice Maize/Corn Wheat Potato
Component (per 100g portion) Amount Amount Amount Amount
Water (g) 12 10 13 79
Energy (kj) 1528 1528 1369 322
Protein (g) 7.1 9.4 12.6 2.0
Fat (g) 0.66 4.74 1.54 0.09
Carbohydrates (g) 80 74 71 17
Calcium (mg) 28 7 29 12
Magnesium (mg) 25 127 126 23

The materials used are of the most superior quality and are kept in proper storage facilities. With high-speed state-of-the-art cutting/peeling/chopping/pulverizing machines the vegetables are peeled, cut and chopped according to the requirements of the menu.

Cooking of Nutritious Meals

Annamrita strives to serve the wholesome nutritious meal to children and to ensure that its mega kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Government accredited NABL Food Laboratories have been employed to check the food samples for the nutritional values set by Supreme Court of India.

To maintain the nutritional value and quality of mid-day meal, each worker and other staff are trained to always wear protective gears like gumboots, aprons, head covers, masks and gloves while in the kitchen.

To further ensure hygiene during the food preparations in the kitchen as well as preventing it from any external contamination, each worker has to pass a medical checkup every six months.

Packing and Dispatching

The mid-day meals are provided to each school right on time while the food is still hot and fresh. Once the food is cooked, it is checked and packed in the clean containers for dispatching. The containers used are air dried after washing and sanitizing thus, ensuring the hygiene at every step.

The delivery vehicles with the mid day meal reach the school prior to lunch time and are served hot. At Annamrita, the variety of food are served on a daily basis which maintains the interest of the child and also acts as an incentive for attending school.

Cleaning of Utensils

Once the food is packed and dispatched, the kitchens and other large utensils are thoroughly washed and cleaned, the kitchen floors are made clear of any food remains and is sanitized for the next use.

At Annamrita, hygiene is our topmost priority and we promise to provide the best to the children which will help them to grow and nurture in their formative years.