Sports: The dream to achieve more 24 Feb

Sports: The dream to achieve more

The role of sports in children’s life

Sports play a big role in our life whether it is supporting our favourite cricket or football team or actually playing it. Sportsmanship is not just a quality, it is a worthwhile value that plays a role in every aspect of life. Playing a sport in your childhood surely ingrains the feeling of togetherness in you and it stays with you even when you are not playing it.

When children start playing sports, they start developing good habits like discipline, team spirit, camaraderie etc.  Given a chance, we have so many hidden gems just waiting to be found, we should make sure that children of our country actively get opportunities to play and excel in sports.

Sports and Nutrition go together

Being healthy is the most basic thing you have to do to excel at a sport/game. Nutrition is a crucial part of a performance for young athletes, and for a child’s growth and development. Macronutrients, micronutrients and fluids in the right quantity are essential to provide energy for growth and activity.

A well-balanced diet containing all vital nutrients is what children of young age need the most. An ideal diet comprises 45% to 65% carbohydrates, 10% to 30% protein and 25% to 35% fat. For children belonging to underprivileged backgrounds, it becomes next to impossible to sustain such kind of a diet. Does that mean economically unprivileged children do not have the right to even aspire? In a country that is growing and developing continuously, children should have access to equal opportunities barring any caste or background.

Annamrita helping the children to dream

Annamrita foundation believes in providing children with the right nutrition that helps children in their aspirations. Through the implementation of strategic Mid-day meal schemes, Annamrita Foundation endeavours to support the children curb their hunger arising from the social and economic background. One meal which is rich in nutrients essential for them goes a long way in helping them dream big. Whether it is sports or education; the children receive the strength to aspire big! After all, everyone in this world, rich or poor, has the right to dream big. Annamrita’s endeavours just give them the push to achieve more.

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