Why midday meals are crucial in India? 26 Feb

Why midday meals are crucial in India?

Ever wondered, why children around us are always so full of energy and excitement? So much so, that parents need to tire themselves out in order to keep children ‘in control’. Children are always engaged in some activity or another; be it games, studies, running around mindlessly or even shouting for no reason! The difference in the energy levels of adults and children is huge, which is mind-boggling.

The secret to the immense level of excitement in children is the food that parents feed them, sometimes even ‘forcefully’. As they know the best for children, they make sure children get properly fed with nutritious food.

Food is the biggest source of energy in children, and therefore more crucial for them as compared to adults. For children who are underprivileged and cannot afford wholesome meals, it gets tough to match their body requirements. So the Midday Meal Scheme becomes a necessary intervention in the Indian education system.

It is a fact that children belonging to the age group 4-8 years need a minimum of 1200 calories in a day. That translates into a minimum of two wholesome meals in a day.

Children have high metabolism levels, so the food gets digested faster and is absorbed very easily. This makes it so important to make those meals taken worthwhile in terms of nutritional value. At the developing age, children need to eat a balanced and nutritional diet.

Mid-day meals are a blessing for many children of India who remain in dire need of even a single meal per day. At Annamrita, it is made sure that underprivileged children eat a nutritious and fulfilling mid-day meal that helps them build their mind, body and health. Annamrita has been relentlessly trying to make its vision of a healthy and happy country true.

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